28 March
Mediatizing Disability: Depiction and Discourse in Popular Media.
Three key speakers give focus to the representation of disability within contemporary media and popular culture, andand invites you to contribute in a roundtable discussion. Click here for more. 
17:00-18:30, Spui 25-27, Amsterdam 


ARIAS Events

Past Events

14 February: Say AAHH#3: The New Old Age: The role of technology in ageing and elderly care 17:00-18:30 Spui 25 Spui 25 Amsterdam

read more

17 December: Say AAHH #2: “Nothing about us without us!”: Radical participation and arts-based methods in health research 17:00-18:30 Spui 25 Spui 25 Amsterdam

read more

23 November: A Writing Initiative (AWI), first meeting 15:00-17:00 HKU, room 2.06 Nieuwekade 1 Utrecht

read more

22 November: Artists & Archivists meetup #2 at the Meertens Institute 16:00-17:30 Meertens Institute Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185 Amsterdam

read more

17 November: SAY AAHH #1: Graphic Medicine Roundtable and Comics Artists Party 17:00-19:00 Spui 25 Spui 25 Amsterdam

read more

16 November: NWO & ARIAS Smart Culture Working Conference 09:30-18:00 Het Huis Boorstraat 107 Utrecht

read more

19 October: Institute of Social History tour of the collections 15:00-17:00 Institute of Social History Cruquiusweg 31 Amsterdam

read more

4 October: Who’s Afraid of the Archive? interdisciplinary meetup for artists, scholars and archivists 18:30-22:00 Institute of Social History Cruquiusweg 31 Amsterdam

read more

28 September: ARIAS Research Season Start 13:30-17:00 DAS Graduate School Overhoeksplein 2 Amsterdam

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31 May: Art-Knowledge #4 Arts & Education 19:30-22:00 Literair Theater Perdu Kloveniersburgwal 86 Amsterdam

read more

22 May: ARIAS x WEST8 15:00-17:00 Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, 1012 CN Amsterdam

read more

19 April: Art-Knowledge #3 Arts & Ecologies 19:30-22:00 Literair Theater Perdu Kloveniersburgwal 86 Amsterdam

read more

13 April: ARIAS x DRIFT FESTIVAL 00:00-23:59 Lab 111 Arie Biemondstraat 111 Amsterdam

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29 March: Art-Knowledge #2 Arts & Health 19:00-21:30 OBA, Amsterdam Oosterdokskade 143 Amsterdam

read more

22 February: Art-Knowledge #1 Writing Worlds: Debate about Creative Writing in Research 19:30-22:00 Literair Theater Perdu Kloveniersburgwal 86 Amsterdam

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Events in the ARIAS Network

26 March
Stadsgesprek: Building Common Spaces 
[re/dis]cover and TRANSURBAN
present architects, artist and urban researchers that will engage in a public discussion on the potential of artistic media in the site-specific redesign of the public domain by drawing on recent developments in Amsterdam especially on the Zeeburgereiland.

Click here for more. 
19:00-21:00, Eef Kamerbeekstraat, Amsterdam 


28 March
Mediatizing Disability: Depiction and Discourse in Popular Media.
Three key speakers give focus to the representation of disability within contemporary media and popular culture, and invites you to contribute in a roundtable discussion.
Click here for more. 
17:00-18:30, Spui 25-27, Amsterdam 


4 – 6 April
Master Presentations | DAS Choreography 
Artists and curators working in the field of performing arts will share their work with you at the conclusion of an intensive two-year period of master’s research at DAS Choreography, part of DAS Graduate School. 
Click here for more. 
14:00-21:30, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam


9 April
Artistic Research Research Group (ARRG)
Artistic Research: Sharing Methods and Practices #4
With Isabel Cordeiro and Ruchama Noorda.
15:00-17:30, Vox-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


16-17 May
Urban Crisis-Scapes | On Walks and Ruins 
Workshop organized by Eva Fotiadi and Maria Boletsi, in collaboration with Ipek Celik (Koç University).
The workshop will focus on city-scapes that have recently been radically reconfigured through pervasive frameworks of crisis – financial, political, humanitarian etc. We want to explore alternative experiences of urban space, new artistic imaginaries, and innovative cultural initiatives emerging from such urban crisis-scapes by centering on two distinct but interrelated thematic lines: Ruins and Walks. Click here for more. 


4 June
Artistic Research Research Group (ARRG)
Artistic Research: Sharing Methods and Practices #5
With Brenda Tempelaar + one researcher to be confirmed.
15:00-17:30, Vox-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


Past Events


20 March
Launch Event: DisPLACE digital archive for disability history
DisPLACE is a digital platform for the collection and interpretation of experiences of disability, past and present. Click here for more.
14:30-16:00, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden


30 January-8 March
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Exhibition: Denim Democracy
The Denim Democracy exhibition travels through the Netherlands from 30 January. Visitors discover how old jeans are reused and how companies can produce more sustainable denim using new technologies. Click here for more.
9.00, Fraijlemaborg Building, Fraijlemaborg 133


14 March
The Aesthetics of Protest: Visual Culture, Performance and Social Media
Political scientist Aidan McGarry will discuss how protest movements allow marginalized communities to articulate a political voice.
11.00-12.30, NIAS Conference Room, Korte Spinhuissteeg 3


7 March
Forms of Forgetting in Antiquity
Philologist Verena Schulz will discuss how forgetting shapes cultural memory in antiquity. Click here to register.
11.00 – 12.30, NIAS Conference Room, Korte Spinhuissteeg 3


1 March
DAS Graduate School
Deadline Open Call DAS THIRD
THIRD is a unique support structure that prepares a small group of artists for third cycle research opportunities, and will select a new cohort of six participants exploring research opportunities at the PhD or PhD equivalent level. The Open Call 2019 is now online and the deadline is March 1st. Click here for more.


28 February
Practices of listening: the launch of Soapbox Journal
Soapbox, a graduate journal for cultural analysis, invites the authors of this first issue to discuss their work on the conditions, practices, and policies of listening in political protest, speech to text software, and audiovisual ‘time crystals’. Click here for more.
20.00-21.30, SPUI25, Spui 24-25

28 February
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Movies That Matter Film Month: Minding the Gap
Minding the Gap is a documentary that takes a look at poverty and has won many awards, including the Sundance Jury Prize 2018. Click here for more.
16.30-18.00, FLOOR-zaal Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3b


21 February
University of Amsterdam
Spinoza Lecture: Beyond the “archic” Principle
Catherine Malabou, who will hold the Spinoza Chair of the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities will be delivering a Spinoza Lecture entitled ‘Beyond the “archic” Principle: Alternative or Dilemma?’. Click here for more.
20.15-22.00, Aula Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411


27 February
Doing Memory Research: New Methods and Approaches
In cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities and the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM). Click here for more.
17.00-18.30, SPUI25, Spui 24-25


25-26 February
Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis
Sensory Moving Image Archives – Visualization, Exploration and Reuse of Moving Image Data
This international two-day symposium comes out of the research project The Sensory Moving Image Archive: Boosting Creative Reuse for Artistic Practice and Research. Click here for a more detailed programme.
Doelenzaal, UvA University Library, Singel 425


24 February
University of Amsterdam
10 is for God
A one day exhibition by Emilija Angelovska, Alexis Boyd, Swaen Hermsen, Chantal Hassard and Miriam Sentler. 
14.00, NEVERNEVERLAND, Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


24 February
Amsterdam University of the Arts 
Producing the Future: Steven ten Thije
The DAS Creative Producing Master’s program invites Steven ten Thije for this month’s edition of Producing the Future. Click here for more.
15.00-17.00, Van Abbe Museum, Bilderdijklaan 10, Eindhoven


14 February
Amsterdam University of the Arts
1·Lectures with Hannah Schubert: Second Nature
Landscape architect Hannah Schubert (1982) is giving a 1·Lectures on the topic of her book and research project Second Nature – a slow, natural transformation as an alternative to demolition. Click here for more.
20.00-22.00, Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 211-213


15 February
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
The Exhibition Maker of the 21st Century: Final Symposium
The lectoraat Crossmedia (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) investigates the ways in which exhibition makers can inspire, touch and educate visitors during a museum visit. Register here.
12.00-18.30 Kohnstammzaal, KSH-gebouw (9th floor),Wibautstraat 2-4, Amstelcampus 


19 February
Institute of Network Cultures
Round table discussion: ‘De Muur’ & Paul Virilio
The evening will focus on the book ‘De Muur’, the reason for the republishing, the intellectual heritage of Paul Virilio and the state of affairs concerning architectural theory and architecture publication.
Click here for details.
19.30-23.00, West Den Haag, 102 Lange Voorhout, 2514 EJ Den Haag


7 February
Sandberg Institute
Sandberg Open Day 2019
The public, professional audience and press are invited to visit the Main Departments, Temporary Programmes and Hosted Programme at the Sandberg Institute. Click here for more.
14.00-19.00, Sandberg Institute, Fred. Roeskestraat 98


7 February
Sandberg Institute
Sandberg Open Day 2019
The public, professional audience and press are invited to visit the Main Departments, Temporary Programmes and Hosted Programme at the Sandberg Institute. Click here for more.
14.00-19.00, Sandberg Institute, Fred. Roeskestraat 98


8 February
Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis
Screens and Screams, The Wild and the Weird
Special ‘hors serie’ Seminar of the Film-Philosophy and Cross-Media Seminar on Media Ecologies, Ethics and Affect. Organized in collaboration with MIT, convened by Eugenie Brinkema. With Nadine Boljkovac and Julius Greve. Click here for more.
15.00-18.00, BG1 Building, Turfdraagsterpad 9


6-8 February
University of Amsterdam
Depicting Science: Art Exhibition
Depicting Science is an exhibition that features art based on scientific themes, with works by Anna Grey, PLEX NOIR and Vincent Icke. 
10.00-17.00, Amsterdam Science Park 904

6 – 8 February
University of Amsterdam
Depicting Science: Art Exhibition

Depicting Science is an exhibition that features art based on scientific themes, with works by Anna Grey, PLEX NOIR and Vincent Icke. 
10.00-17.00, Amsterdam Science Park 904


5 February
Artistic Research Research Group (ARRG)
Artistic Research: Sharing Methods and Practices #3
With Rosanne Jonkhout + Clare Butcher.
15:00-17:30, Vox-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


1 February
University of Amsterdam
Urban Crisis-Scapes: On Walks and Ruins, Call for Participation
Supported by NICA, ASCA and LAPS – Gerrit Rietveld Academie, this workshop focuses on walking as part of an artistic research methodology and will take place on May 16 and 17th. Click here for more information and to sign up to participate.


1 February
Sandberg Instituut
Moment VI: LW/LW with Louwrien Wijers, Lawrence Weiner & friends
Louwrien Wijers, tutor at finished Temporary Programme Cure Master with Lawrence Weiner and friends presents Moment VI: LW/LW at Shimmer. Click here for more.
18.00 – 21.00, Shimmer, Waalhaven Oostzijde 1, Rotterdam


30 November – 31 January
BAD Award 2019 Open Call

The Bio Art & Design Award (BAD Award) is a unique competition for artists and designers who use bio art and bio design to push the boundaries of art and science. Deadline for proposals is January 31st. Click here for more information. 


16 – 30 January
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Studium Generale Rietveld Academie
This year’s Studium Generale will feature talks, performances, film screenings, reading groups, master classes, an exhibition of student works, and a conference-festival at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. For more information, click here
Gerrit Rietveld Academie Gym, Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amstelveenseweg


25 January
Valley of the Possible
Valley of the Possible seeks adventurous artists, scientists and other creatives for a research pilot program in the valley of Cañon del Blanco. Deadline for applications is January 25. Click here for more information.


24 January
The good data and the bad: visions of the datafied future 
In cooperation with The Good Data Project, Institute for Network Cultures and DATACTIVE, editors and data researchers look ahead and ask: how to move forward towards the inevitable, with our data rather than staunchly opposed to their promises? To sign up, click here.
17.00 – 18.30, SPUI25, Spui 24 – 25, Amsterdam


24 January
University of Amsterdam
Urban Studies Network Day
This year jointly organised by ACHI, ACUH, ASCA, and CUS. Click here for more information and to register.
12.30-19.30, Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34


18 January
Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
Web Archives and the Ephemerality of Digital Media
Presentation by Anne Helmond in the ASCA seminar and research group Moving Images: Preservation, Curation, Exhibition. Please contact E.L.Masson@uva.nl for registration and a link to the preparatory reading.
14.30 – 17.00, BG1, room 1.14, Turfdraagsterpad 9


20 January
Amsterdam University of the Arts
“How to Spell the Fight”: Guest Lecture by Natacha Sadr Haghighian
The lecture focuses on the tangible string figures that joined our hands in childhood and the more elusive computational threads that engage our fingers today. For more information, click here.
16.30 – 18.30, DAS Graduate School. Overhoeksplein 2


11 January
Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
Word and Image Research Group: First Meeting
The ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) Word and Image research group is gathering in the second week of 2019 to host their first meeting, focusing on research plans, current work and potential collaborations.
15.00-17.00, BG2, room 0.12, Turfdraagsterpad 9


14 December
Institute of Network Cultures
Critical Makers Reader Contributions Call
The deadline for proposals is December 14th. For more information, click here

14-15 December
DAS Graduate School
THIRD Annual Forum 3rd cycle research
The first THIRD cohort of DAS Graduate School’s research department are artists from dance, theatre and film, pursuing 3rd cycle research in educational institutions throughout Europe.
DAS Graduate School


13 December
VU Amsterdam
Environmental Humanities Center
Pitch, Team Up, and Make It Happen!
The EHC celebrates its second birthday with a brief review and outlook for its members to propose activities, research, events, reading groups, interventions with others. Click here to register.
18.00-21.00, VU Amsterdam Main Building, 16A00 (Kerkzaal)


13 December
4th Studio Louter Cafe: De Moodmakers
The Studio Louter Cafés have been set up as part of the Exhibition of 21st Century (TM21) and offer a nice platform to discuss the subjects that are covered in the project with professionals from the field. Click here to register.
16:00-18:30, Studio Louter, Lutmastraat 191E


11 December
Artistic Research: Sharing Methods and Practices #2
With Gijsje Heemskerk + Ilse van Rijn.
15:00-17:30, Vox-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


11 October – 9 December
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Eight Cubic Meters
“Can we experience the present when our thoughts are in the past?” Photography student Alice Wachto’s project focuses on photographing unfamiliar city elements while contemplating the past. 
Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam


8 November – 4 December
University of Amsterdam
Social Movement
Myriam Lefkowitz with Lendl Barcelos, Alkis Hadjandreou, Annick Kleizen, and Zoe Scoglio will present two performances in the Library of the University of Amsterdam.
This event takes place in various venues, click here for more information.


30 November
University of Amsterdam
Who’s Afraid of Algorithms?
A lecture by Evelyn Wan on the power of algorithms over our bodies and the ways digital media technologies introduce surveillance and control without us consciously noticing.
17.00-18.00, SPUI25, Spui 25


30 November
ArtEZ Graduate School
FOOD FRICTION: Exploring nutritional identities
The conference will focus on food as the connecting theme, exploring emerging identities and looking for methods to develop them from different art and design perspectives.
9.00-17.00, Onderlangs 9, Arnhem 


30 November
VU Amsterdam – Environmental Humanities Center
Earthbound: Re-storying Ecology Through Past, Present and Place
On 30 November, Perdu organizes an evening address the relations between social and climate justice through the lens of storytelling and imaginative practices. Click here for more.
19.30, Stichting Perdu, Kloveniersburgwal 86


29 November
University of Amsterdam
“What You Know from How I Move” – Lecture by Rhea Anastas
The lecture will feature excerpts from viewing and researching Adrian Piper’s Some Reflective Surfaces (1975–76), the audience-orientated performance at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 28 February 1976. Click here for tickets.
19.00-20.30, Oudemanshuispoort Building, 4-6


2-25 November
Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Gerrit is 50, Willem is 28
Jubilee exhibition of work produced by the academy and the institute (of students, alumni and teachers), divided into capsules, curated by alumnus Moritz Küng.
Fred. Roekestraat, 96


23 November
First Meeting of A Writing Initiative (aWI)
After the initial meeting at the ARIAS meeting in September, a Writing Initiative (aWI) will have their first meeting in Utrecht to further discuss and develop ideas on creative, alternative or ‘other’ writing strategies within artistic and academic research.
15.00-17.00, Nieuwekade 1, Utrecht (HKU)


23 November
Call for papers: SEMIA Symposium
The international two-day symposium is titled “Sensory Moving Image Archives: Visualization, Exploration and Reuse of Moving Image Data”. Deadline for submissions is the 23rd of November. Click here to read more.


19-20 November
Toneelacademie Maastricht
Decentralizing and Decolonizing Theater and Storytelling(s) – Workshop
How can we leverage the power of storytelling, theater and a theater institution to tell stories that
have been marginalized, pushed to the periphery or no longer allowed to participate in societal
11.00-16.00, Lenculenstraat 31-33, Maastricht


19 November
Amsterdam School of the Arts
Negotiating Heritage in Emotion Networks: The Kempering Case
An on-site case study presented by international experts, followed by an excursion. Click here for more.
08.30 – 16.00, Bijlmerplein 393


17 November
University of Amsterdam
The power of myth and barbarism
The event aims to reflect on the problems of mythical thought and its relation to the complex notion of barbarism. Click here for more.
17.00-18.30, SPUI25, Spui 25


17 November
Reinwardt Academy
Master of Museology Open Day
The Reinwardt Academy opens it’s doors for professionals interested in the Master of Museology.
11.00-14.00, Hortusplantsoen 1-3


17 November
Institute of Network Cultures
My Name is Janez Janša – Film Screening
My Name is Janez Janša depicts the story of three artists who joined the conservative Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) and officially changed their names to that of the leader of that party. Click here for more information.
20.00, Van Diemenstraat 408-410


15-17 November
VU Amsterdam
“Drawing Yourself In and Out of It”: The 2nd International Amsterdam Comics Conference
With parallel panel sessions, keynote lectures, and a roundtable discussion, featuring Joe Sacco and Nina Mickwitz.
To register, click here.


15 November
VU Amsterdam
Environmental Humanities & Outer Space
The event aims to explore the relationship between space exploration and the humanities, art related disciplines and the social sciences. 
14.00-17.00, OZW Building, Room 6A01, De Boelelaan 1109


15 November
University of Amsterdam
Urban reflections: designing for interaction in the networked city
Inaugural Lecture by C.I.M. Nevejan, professor by special appointment of Designing Urban Experience: Urban Reflection.
16.00, Aula – Oude Lutherse kerk, Singel 411 


15 November
University of Amsterdam
Emotion networks: place at the negotiating table
Organized in collaboration with NWO, this event focuses on the relationship between emotion networks and the concept of heritage. Click here for more.
20.00-21.30, SPUI25, Spui 25


13 November
Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten
November Alarm
This event will commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Red Week protests with an exhibition and public discussion.
16.00-18.30, Rijksakademie, Sarphatistraat 470


13 November
Toneelacademie Maastricht
Ethnography and Artistic Practice Workshop
This laboratory gives students the opportunity to develop experimental
modes of conducting ethnographic research and producing ethnographic accounts of their
field experiences.
11.00-18.00, Lenculenstraat 31-33, Maastricht


11 November
VU Amsterdam
Serious Games in Audio-visual Collections
A lecture by prof.dr. I.L. Stengs on audio-visual archiving practices in connection to the digital era.
13.45, VU Aula, De Boelelaan 1105


1 November
University of Amsterdam
Imperfect Knowledge Workshop
At this workshop, we examine the current scholarly and pedagogical preoccupation with the imperfect and the flawed.
15.00-17.30, Vox-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


1 November
VU Amsterdam
Call for Papers: Essay Submission Deadline: November 1, 2018
ASAP/Journal Special Issue Slowness
Special Issue Editors: Erin La Cour and Katja Kwastek


2-4 November
Amsterdam School of the Arts
Graduation Show – Faculty of Architecture
The show will feature projects from the Master’s programs in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture.
211-213, Waterlooplein



23 October
Institute of Social History
Artists & Archivists Lecture by Ernst van Alphen
Van Alphen’s lecture will focus on the use of archives in the art and how archives can be a source of inspiration for artists.
Free entrance. To join, please sign up by sending an e-mail to: secretar@iisg.nl 
15.00, Institute of Social History, Cruquiusweg 31


23 October
Toneelacademie Maastricht
Visual Differences Workshop
This workshop is about ways of knowing how race comes to matter in the practice of police
facial composite drawing.
11.00-16.00, Lenculenstraat 31-33,  Maastricht



18-19 October
Leiden University
PhDArts Conference
“How do we establish, sustain and nourish a vital research culture in the arts?”
PJ Veth Building, Nonnensteeg 1-3, Leiden


19 October
VU Amsterdam
Dies Natalis 2018
With lectures by Professor Piek Vossen, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and a dance performance by Ahmad Joudeh.
15.00-16.30, VU Amsterdam Aula, De Boelelaan 1105


16 October
University of Amsterdam
ARRG – Artistic Research Seminar #1
The first of this series of five ARRG seminars will feature artists Tânia Cardoso and Mariana Lanari. To sign up, contact: saralotvanuum@gmail.com.
15.00-17.30, Vox-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


12 October
University of Amsterdam
Entanglements of Race, Sound and the Archive: Coloniality and the Globalised Present” Workshop
The workshop will take place in December, and the deadline for contributions is October 12th. 




4 October
VU Amsterdam
Producers – Parasites – Hosts Symposium:
Based on the work of Annabel Howland the symposium will feature speakers Toby Kiers, Albert Menkveld, Katja Kwastek, Alena Alexandrova, Clare Butcher, Victor Caldas, Simon Ferdinando, Tim Neutel and Renée Ridgway.
17:30-20:00, College Zaal KC07, De Boelelaan 1105



30 September
Performance Philosophy
Call for Papers: Performance Philosophy Conference
The conference will take place with the title: “Between Institution and Intoxication. How does Performance Philosophy Intervene?”
Deadline for contributions is the 30th of September.


27 September
University of Amsterdam
Crossing Border Festival, 2nd edition
The second edition of this festival aims to deliver solutions for global problems, such as climate, economy, migration, food, big data, and quality of life.
12.00-17.00 CREA REC-G


24 September
University of Amsterdam 
Art, VR, and imagining gender in future societies
An event centered around the concept of a “better world” and artist Vika Kova’s project, “Land of Good”.
17.00-18.30 SPUI 25, Spui 25


24 September
University of Amsterdam
Conversations in Times of Crisis: In cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities
Our time seems to be characterized by various crises. What answer can the humanities give?
20.00-21.30 SPUI25, Spui 25



20 September
Gerrit Rietveld Academie / Sandberg Institute
Call for Applications: Post Doctoral Research
This open call is aiming at experienced researchers (PhD), with a background in fine art, architecture, spatial design and/or urban planning. Deadline is the 20th of September.


18 September
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Lectoral Speech by Dr. Sabine Niederer
Niederer’s department focuses on design research, the role of the image, and its applications in the areas of fashion, media, design and digital technology.
16:30-17:45, Kohnstamm House (KSH) Wibautstraat 2-4


7 – 15 September
Exhibition with a selection of the best Rietveld Academie graduation work 2018, selected by an independent jury
Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

1 August

Symposium for Odd Research
The 2nd annual Odd Research Symposium call for papers. The deadline is August 1st.


5 July
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Masterclass Art Criticism
Lucette ter Borg will give a masterclass in art critism focusing on the artworks in the GRADUATION SHOW 2018.


4 – 8 July
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Opening Graduation Show


29 June
University of Amsterdam
Roundtable Discussion/Workshop with Natalie Bookchin, Karen Archey (Stedelijk Museum), Zachary Formwalt (artist and filmmaker), Johan Hartle (Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design), and Daniel de Zeeuw (University of Amsterdam)
15.00-18.00, Belle van Zuylenzaal, University Library, Singel 425, Amsterdam


28 June
University of Amsterdam
Natalie Bookchin; The Digital Mass Ornament
Artist Talk and Film Screening
19.00-21.00, Lab 111, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam


26 June 
Amsterdam University of the Arts
Master of Film: Perspectives on (Artistic) Research in and through Cinema
19:30 – 21:30, EYE Film Museum

26 June
ARRG Meeting
Artistic Research Research Group (UvA)
Presentations by Daniela De Paulis and Barbara Alves.
15.00-17.30 at Bushuis, F 2.11B, Kloveniersburgwal 48



22 June
University of Amsterdam
Climate Phantasms and the Image of Ice
Lecture by Dr. Amanda Boetzkes
16.00 – 18.00, location: P.C.Hoofthuis, Spuistraat 134, room 559


22 June
The festival goes on afternoon expedition on the UvA City Center University Quarter.
13.30-17.00, on and around VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


22-27 June
Amsterdam University of the Arts
Artistic Research Week
The AHK’s Master of Film presents the Artistic Research Week, with the theme ‘In Process’, featuring cinematic presentations of questions, ideas and possible answers.
Eyefilmmuseum, DAS Graduate School (Grootlab)

21-24 June
Public Art Amsterdam: Pay Attention Please! 
Public Art Amsterdam is a biennial event in the public space in Amsterdam. ‘Pay Attention Please!’ is the first edition.
Various locations


20-24 June
The largest city festival in Europe for and by Amsterdammers.
Various locations

19 June
Images, Improvisations, Sound, and Silence from 1000 to 1800: Degree Zero
In collaboration with Amsterdam University Press.
20:00-21:30 at SPUI25, Spui 25-27

14-24 June
Mission Nose Out in Nieuw Dakota
An exhibition which shows the outcome of the collaboration between Rietveld
photography students and New Amsterdammers.
Nieuw Dakota


14 June
VU Amsterdam
Microplastics: Invisible Invaders
Environmental Humanities Center
15.30 – 17.30, VU Main Building, De Boelelaan 1105, room HG 15A-33 

8 June
Critical Comparative Urbanism: Displacement
With Asher Ghertner and Wouter van Gent.
15:00-17:00 at Roetsereiland building A room A2.11, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166.

5 June

Photography Exhibition: Desire and Destruction
By HvA photographer in residence Vytautas Kumža (2017-2018).
17:00-18:30 at Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3b


29 May
Cafe Chercher
Art & Science night #4.8
Evening for unfinished art & research.
18:00-20:00 at VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9 BG 3

24-26 May

VU Amsterdam
As Slowly as Possible
The 2018 international Association of the Study of the Arts of the Present symposium, dedicated to exploring notions of slowness.

24 May
Spui 25
The Energy Commons In cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities
with: Ashley Dawson, Jeff Diamanti and Carolyn Birdsall


22 May
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
How Will Art Survive Us? 
Lecture by Tal Beery with respondents Joost Adriaanse and Juliette Huijgen.
16:00-17:00 at VU main building, De Boelelaan 1105, room HG-12A33


22 May
University of Amsterdam
A Second Creation: Human Futures and the Reinvention of Nature
A lecture by Sheila Jasanoff.
19:30-21:30 at UvA, Aula Lutherse Kerk.


17 May
University of Amsterdam
Spinoza Lecture: Aesthetic Responsibility
Susan Wolf will be delivering the first one of her Spinoza Lectures on ‘Aesthetic Responsibility’.
20:15-22:00 at Aula, Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411, Amsterdam


12-17 May
Amsterdam University of the Arts & University of Amsterdam
Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis
Professor Angela Y. Davis, as well as artists, scholars, activists and audience members will look into questions of citizenship, communal knowledge sharing, intergenerational activism, and relevant artistic practice.


14 May
Politics of Divination: Neoliberalism as Theology of Chance
With Joshua Ramey, Joyce Goggin, Amir Vodka and Patricia Pisters.
20:00-21:30 at SPUI 25, Spui 25-27


15 March-15 April
STP&A Conference, deadline call for proposals
Culture, Democracy, and the Arts: Rights Here, Right Now
STP&A 2018 Conference invites debates on the theories and practices of cultural democracy. This year, proposals will be accepted for papers, panels, workshops, performance-based research, and roundtable discussions.


24 April
Cafe Chercher 
Art & Science night #4.7
Evening for unfinished art & research.
18:00-20:00 at VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9 BG 3


24 April
University of Amsterdam
Artistic Research Research group (ARRG)
A seminar with Lauryn Mannigel and Paula Albuquerque.
15:00-17:30 at UB Belle van Zuylen Zaal, Singel 425


13 April
University of Amsterdam and Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Artistic Research
We are glad to welcome you to Digging Grounds/Kaput, the final exhibition and launch of the publication of the 2017-2018 Honours Programme ART and RESEARCH.
17:00-20:00 at Exhibition Centre Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam


10 April
Amsterdam University of the Arts
public talk show with guests from the city, the field, the study programmes and the neighbourhood.
17:30-19:00 at Academie voor Theater en Dans
Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam


4 April
University of Amsterdam
The Urban Commons of Culture, Past & Present
Launch symposium
13.00 –  to 16.30 at A Lab,Overhoeksplein 2,  Amsterdam


28 March
Amsterdam University of the Arts
Future of Work
What can Amsterdam learn from cities like New York, Paris, Shanghai or Istanbul? Architect and urban planner Florian Idenburg (SO-IL) will present his research into the future of our work environment.
19:30-22:00 at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam


21-24 March
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Hold Me Now – Feel and Touch in an Unreal World
This Studium Generale is about the sense of touch in artistic, philosophical and political terms.
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


22 March
VU Amsterdam
Water & the City, event in the context of World Water Day 2018, organized by the Environmental Humanities Center


6 March
University of Amsterdam
Identity, art and activism
Lecture evening
20.00 – 21.30, Spui 25,


4 March
Grounding the Map | Mapping the Ground
lecures presentations, debate
13:00 – 14.15, het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark


28 February
Amsterdam University of the Arts
ODYSSEY – a philosophical launch of the mind, lecture by Michael Madsen
19:30-21:30, Film Academy cinema, Markenplein 1


27 February
Café Chercher, evening for unfinished art & research
19.00-21.00 VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9


24-25 February
Sonic Acts Academy Symposium
Unpacking the Processes of Artistic Knowledge
Dansmakers, Amsterdam Noord


22 February 2018
Amsterdam University of the Arts
Tilting the Monuments, Queering the Myths
An evening with four theatre makers, directors and writers
20.00 – 22.00, DAS Graduate School,Overhoeksplein 2


20 February
Als Kunst Spreekt
Felix & Sofie
19.30, Literair Theater Perdu


20 February
Meeting of the Artistic Research Research Group (ARRG, UvA)
Belle van Zuylenzaal, UvA University Library


12 February
Digital Emotions research group meeting
Patricia de Vries (Institute of Network Cultures, HvA)
In this workshop we explore the ontological underpinnings of  popular and widely exhibited artistic crypto-mask projects.


19 January
Research Ecologies Lab
DAS graduate school