Ecologies of Care | Climate Care with Ania Molenda


We warmly invite you to Language of Climate Care, hosted by architecture designer Ania Molenda and special guest, artistic researcher and designer Dayna Casey.


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We will discuss the caring practices in architecture, arts, and design that respond to the climate emergency and language that emerges from them. If the existing languages and tools fail to support us in practising care necessary to respond to the climate crisis, how can we refuse them? What possibilities can emerge from such refusal, and what new languages and practices can they lead to? 


Together with architecture designer Ania Molenda, we invite practitioners from different backgrounds to propose examples of vocabularies emerging from their fields. In the session, we will reflect on how these vocabularies (also extending beyond  textual: e.g. material, visual,…) pro/evoke new ways of relating to the environment. Together with designer Dayna Casey we’ll engage in re-mapping these new vocabularies as a web of relationships of care.


Join us in this session for an exchange and sharing of ideas, as well as a collaborative mapping exercise!

ARIAS forwards research on the intersection of the sciences, arts, and other practice-based disciplines. As one of ARIAS’ key thematic lines, artists and scholars from the Care Ecologies research group examine care from various disciplinary positions. We reflect both on ecologies of care as a subject and on being part of/becoming a care ecology as a practice and concern.


8th May 2023


10:00 AM — 12:30 PM