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Upcoming grant deadline: 
12 November 2019: Design Studies, Horizon 2020




3 KIEM GRANTS within the ARIAS network


May 2018

The Gerrit Rietveld Academy/Sandberg Institute and UvA received an NWO/Kiem as well as a SIA/Kiem grant for the Zeeburgereiland project in which a local platform will be set up to study the role of art in processes of commoning. Adeola Enigbokan and Rene Boer will be leading the research starting in June 2018.


February 2018

Lector Cultureel Erfgoed Hester Dibbits has received a KIEM-grant to develop a toolkit for professionals and academics for research into heritage.

Academics and professionals collaborating on the examination of heritage are in need of a common, practice-oriented vocabulary. Dibbits proposes to develop a Multisensorial Toolkit to connect abstract terms from the academic field to the daily practice of heritage practitioners. Dibbits applied for the KIEM as a member of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, part of the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (main applicant).


Other research team members are:
– Prof. Dr. Inger Leemans (VU Amsterdam)
– Dr. Manon Parry (UvA)
– Dr. Thomas Kador (UCL)
– Marlous Willemsen (directeur van Imagine IC en senior onderzoeker bij de Reinwardt Academie)
– Sara Mattens (Director
– Željka Sušic (Senior curator Typhological Museum Zagreb)

ARIAS, together with IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam), informs and supports grant applications for collaborative research projects within the ARIAS network (AHK, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, HvA, UvA, VU). Moreover, ARIAS aims to strengthen funding opportunities and funding support both on a national and local level.

Application deadlines

7 March 2019: Open Competitie in de sociale en geesteswetenschappen (NWO, na eerdere vooraanmelding)


14 March 2019: Societal challenges and the arts, Horizon 2020


19 March 2019: pre-proposal for NWO Open Competitie voor Digitalisering – SGW


27 March 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Vormgeving


28 March 2019: SIA SPRONG educatief (vooraanmelding)


2 April 2019: HBO-Postdoc


18 April 2019: KIEM grant, NWO


18 April 2019: NWO Complexity – Creative Industries application


25 April 2019: Information and network meeting for call Digital Society – the informed citizen


2 May 2019: Nationale Wetenschapsagenda – Ideeëngenerator (NWA-IDG)


8 May 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Architectuur


8 May 2019: Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Digitale cultuur


9 May 2019: First initiative for Nationale Wetenschapsagenda – Onderzoek op Routes door Consortia


30 May 2019: KIEM grant, NWO


31 May 2019: Mondriaan Fonds Project Grants for Artists


4 June 2019: NWO Digital Society – Digital Society – the informed citizen


5 June 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Vormgeving


27 June 2019: RAAK Publiek, SIA


30 June 2019: Cutting Edge Research Fund (UvA researchers only)


7 August 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Architectuur


7 August 2019: Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Digitale cultuur


14 August 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Vormgeving


5 September 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling Digital Heritage x Public


10 September 2019: Promotional Grant for Teachers program


10 September 2019: Human Capital, Future of Work


12 September 2019: KIEM grant, NWO


1 October 2019: SIA SPRONG educatief


9 October 2019: Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling, Digitale cultuur


15 October 2019: Seed Grant


16 October 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling, Vormgeving


16 October 2019:  Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling, Architectuur


12 November 2019: Design Studies, Horizon 2020


13 November 2019: Towards a vibrant European network of AI excellence centres, Horizon 2020 


16 January 2020: Stimuleringsfonds Deelregeling, Digital Heritage x Public


16 January 2020: Next Generation Media, Horizon 2020


05 February 2020: Citizens and industrial technologies (CSA), Horizon 2020


12 March 2020: Culture beyond borders – Facilitating innovation and research cooperation between European museums and heritage sites, Horizon 2020


22 April 2020: Artificial Intelligence on demand platform, Horizon 2020 


13 May 2020: Challenging Current Thinking, Horizon 2020