The Art of Listening to the Matter

The Art of Listening to the Matter | Curatorial statement


In the anthropocentric era, western ways of knowing have caused overwhelming harm to our planet’s biosphere. Capitalism and colonialism have rippled through our world, affecting even the most remote areas, leaving no corner untouched by centuries of exploitative practices. In response, many domains of society have turned their attention to other ways of knowing which search for collaborative and intersectional efforts as a way to find agency, solidarity and community. 


Out of all the pressing issues that we are dealing with today, the climate crisis is perhaps the most urgent. Even when not explicitly addressed, it affects all areas of our lives. From the way we design our environments to our economical systems. From pandemics and social fights to the way we relate to our bodies. From the oceans to the cities and from physical mines to digital clouds, planetary health addresses important questions which are entangled with the ways we research, how we create knowledge, and by consequence how we see the world. 


In the past years “The Art of Listening to the Matter” has unfolded into several working groups that through collaborative transdisciplinary research, explore, reimagine and speculate new possible futures. 


| Climate Imaginaries at Sea

| Artificial Worlds

| Ecologies of Care

| Estuaries; Ways of Knowing


Current Working Groups