Thematic Lines 2020–2023

The Art of Listening to the Matter
Thematic Line 2020–2023

The overarching theme ‘The Art of Listening to the Matter’ is formulated in resonance with some of today’s global concerns, their local affects, and how interdisciplinary researchers in Amsterdam articulate and act upon such issues through their research.

Since the century of man and western ways of knowing caused the biggest harm to the world’s biosphere (Colonialism, Capitalism, Anthropocene), in many areas of society we see attention turning to other-than-human existence, to non-western and non-capitalistic bodies of knowledge, and to crossover collaborations; the realisation that we need to join forces, work cooperatively and in solidarity. Or in other words: developing the art of tuning in with what matters and how these matters matter.

Of all today’s crises the climate crisis is the most prominent and pressing – even when not explicitly addressed: it is there when designing spaces to live and work in; when creating Artificial Intelligence; and while dealing with pandemics; it is implicated in fighting for justice and equality; in imagining new economies; and in working on commons. It is entangled with the questions of how to do research, in what kind of collaborations, and to which aims.

It are these directions and focusses into which The Art of Listening to the Matter unfolds in the next years within working groups and collaborative transdisciplinary research projects. More on these soon on this page.

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