Artificial Worlds

The Artificial Worlds group looks to critically examine the topic of AI from different practices and perspectives. Using methods, techniques and materials outside of the digital realm, the Artificial Worlds group looks to understand and research the different ways in which these technologies are changing the way we research and create knowledge.


As Katherine Hayles puts it “responsible theorizing about [artificial intelligence] requires close attention to the materiality of bodies and computational media, a clear understanding of the recursive feedback loops cycling between them, and contextualizations of bodies and machines that reveal how meaning is created through the cascading processes that interpret information.” (p. 155, Cybernetics). To help demystify and also challenge the meaning of material, mind, and body ARIAS brings together artists, designers, engineers, and philosophers, to contemplate artificial intelligence with the hope of finding common ground towards (a) collaborative research project(s).



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Sonia de Jager 


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