A.I. in the Arts: Listening to the Matter

How does the relationship between the human and non-human other unfold within a research context? Flavia Dzodan, Tobias Blanke, Sabine Niederer and Andy Dockett sit at the core of the A.I. in the Arts ARIAS working group, contemplating algorithmic illusions using the knowledge and imaginaries of their different disciplines, thinking between cybernetics, philosophy, and neuroscience.

In the Art of Listening to the Matter is the ARIAS thematic line used as an analogy, a potential methodology, for directing attention in research differently and across diciplines in line with new materialist thought. How do we listen to A.I.? What can we learn from A.I. about the way in which it listens?

As Katherine Hayles puts it “responsible theorizing about [artificial intelligence] requires close attention to the materiality of bodies and computational media, a clear understanding of the recursive feedback loops cycling between them, and contextualizations of bodies and machines that reveal how meaning is created through the cascading processes that interpret information.” (p. 155, Cybernetics). To help demystify and also challenge the meaning of material, mind, and body ARIAS brings together artists, designers, engineers, and philosophers, to contemplate artificial intelligence with hope to find common ground towards (a) collaborative research project(s).

Find below the introductions from the meeting on 24th September 2020, held at the Butchers Tears in Amsterdam South. More on this meeting here.


ARIAS, A.I. community  


ARIAS x Visual Methodologies Collective, Listening with A.I.


ARIAS x Artistic Research Research Group, Co-creation with Artificial Intelligence


ARIAS x Hybrid Forms Lab, New Materialism


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