Social Safety in Research

Artists-researchers should be able to do their research in a socially safe environment. ARIAS partner-institutions all strive to create open and welcoming work and research conditions for everyone – this is expressed, maintained and improved through the respective institutions’ social safety codes. Gathered to the right are direct links to the codes of each partner institution in English.

If you feel that the environment in which you do research is not safe; if the research conditions you work in do not mirror the values of the institution; if academic integrity is being harmed; if you experience inappropriate behaviour and your boundaries are being disrespected, these codes are guidelines for finding safe ways and confidential support for dealing with your issue.

A recommended first step is talking to a Confidential Advisor of the school you are affiliated with as artist-researcher, contact information is to the right of this page (the selection is focused on employees / researchers). The advisors are there to listen to you, to help understand what is at stake, and how the issue could be best dealt with. They’ll treat your complaint with great confidentiality and never act without your permission. 

If you are unsure which institution to address because your research is positioned between two or more schools, Confidential Advisors of either school can help understand where the issue lies. Do not hesitate to contact them or ask for help. If it remains unclear contact ARIAS for guidance. 

If you wish to speak to an external advisor outside the institution you could turn to MORES: Independent Disclosure Office for Undesirable Behaviour in the Dutch Cultural and Creative Sector. Click here to call direct.

If essential information is missing on this page, or if there are references that are unjust or unhelpful, email Thank you!

VU Amsterdam 

→ Code Social Safety VU

→ Academic Integrity

→ Confidential Advisor for PhD’s: Inger Leermans


University of Amsterdam

→ Code Social Safety UvA

Find the right Confidential Advisor for your issue here:

→ Academic Integrity

→ Confidential Advisers

Coordination Confidential Advise: Arjen Berkvens: 


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

→ Code Social Safety HvA

→ Confidential Advisor FDMCI: S.A. Bijman  


Gerrit Rietveld Academie 

→ Code Social Safety GRA

→ Confidential Advisors for staff (including research-fellows): Matthijs Hattink: and Nur Ozgenalp:


Amsterdam University of the Arts

→ Code Social Safety AHK

→ The complaint desk can help find the right steps to take / confidential advisor to speak to: