Listening with A.I.

Femke Dekker, Sonia de Jager, and Martina Raponi curate a workshop together on the illusionary compositions of algorithms for part two of the ARIAS A.I in Humanities experts meeting. What is your relationship with silence… with that which you cannot hear? ‘Listening’ is employed as an analogy for directing attention in research differently. The first experts meeting was held on 14 Feb 2020 at the Sandberg Instituut, contemplating AI co-creation. Looking for multi-vocal and engaged perspectives, participants have an already embedded cog in thinking about the role of humanities in relation to AI in Art and Design. Email katie.clarke [at], if you seek further information. Limited Capacity. 


24th September 2020


12:00 AM — 11:59 PM


Butchers Tears
Kaperweg 45