Zine Distribution, Estuaries: Ways of Knowing

What questions need to be asked about different ways of knowing and sensing?


As a first step into forming the young research group, Estuaries: Ways of Knowing, Pia Jacques invited several artists and researchers into a mail exchange. Various dialogues now unfold through words and images, as questions trigger responses full of more questions. Together these e-mails begin to map the borderless territory of ‘what we think we know’ and ‘how we know it’ – a patch of which will be excitingly riso printed for your postboxes.


If this printed zine wants to find itself at your door, then please send your brick and mortar mailing address to Pia Jaques pia.jacques@arias.amsterdam to show an expression of interest (for dutch residencies only). In this way, it’s possible to gauge and plan for printing on-demand and avoid paper waste etc. If you would like a bulk of Zines to share through your network, or you find this theme is something interesting to hitchhike alongside your own distribution and working processes, then please enquire further with Katie Clarke at katie.clarke@arias.amsterdam.


As per data security, we promise to keep your data safe and once securely stored in a hard drive, and away from any clouds, deleted from all email exchanges.


Read more about the young working group: Estuaries: Ways of knowing here and here. 


1st June 2021


12:00 AM — 12:00 AM