The Questions Themselves, Artistic Research Write-ins

The questions themselves is an initiative of ARIAS that aims to create a focused and open space for co-existing writing processes within artistic research, (…) ‘and try to love the questions themselves’ (Rainer Maria Rilke).


Those who find focus when sitting next to others doing the same, who desire to put a proposal onto paper, or experiment with different styles of writing in research, or who need to write a chapter of their PhD or post-doc, or are inspired to apply for a residency or grant, join along in these collective writing sessions – or write-ins, and find an attentive moment for putting fingers to keyboard.


The idea is simply to work on a text, your writing, parallel to others, while immersed in a shared focused atmosphere generated by writing together. In order to get the words flowing a set of given writing exercises provide possible triggers. Those open to sparring can join playful ways to help thoughts take different routes with one another – finding the beat for ideas to dance. On some occasions invited guests offer tips and tricks on artistic research related writing practices and styles.


Each session begins with a short welcoming moment to set up an exchange for those who want it. There will always be time left to just write. Pausing is also important – so it’s recommended that at a halfway point, all take a break together for a social moment with a nice coffee or tea. Save emails for the office, and turn off from the nudges and notifications, the write-ins are for the gift of artistic research writing only.


Feel free to join, this is a biweekly event, no sign-up required. 



14th April 2022


9:30 AM — 11:30 AM


Round Room BG5
Vendelstraat 7