ARIAS x Sonic Acts | Climate Imaginaries at Sea; Rehearsing Disaster

Sunday, October 16th 2022
11:00 – 13:00 at Likeminds in Amsterdam



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Climate Imaginaries at Sea | Rehearsing Disaster offers an exchange between research practices that focus on the urgencies and imaginaries of climate change in Dutch waterscapes.


Water. A transformative being. It affects everything it comes to pass on its way and is affected by what it encounters. Robin Wall Kimmerer is well-aware of how many ‘things’ are considered ‘beings’. Following that logic, one would not speak of a ‘bay’ but of water ‘being a bay’. Similarly, sometimes water is ‘being a river’, sometimes it is ‘being a sea’. Water could also be a tsunami, a life source, an obstacle or a habitat.


During this symposium panel, water transforms into different beings as it flows past the different lenses through which these artists-researchers explore sea level rise. Encountering human-made structures and non-human animals, resistance and embrace.


Climate Imaginaries at Sea explores possible futures in and around water through a range of artistic and participatory research practices, brought forward by three collaborating research groups from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Academy of Theatre and Dance and the Rietveld Academie. Under the umbrella of ARIAS – platform for Research through the Arts and Sciences – and including a network of partners like Tolhuistuin and the Institute for Sound & Vision, the coalition develops ways of responding to Amitav Ghosh’s statement that “the climate crisis is also a crisis of the imagination.”


Guests: Daphina Misidjan, Aura Satz, Walden Collectief: Thomas Lamers, Annelinde Bruijs and Dominic Kraemer.


Moderation: Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca





16th October 2022


11:00 AM — 1:00 PM


Gedempt Hamerkanaal 203