Unimaginable: Clarion Calls from Rising Seas


Three distinctive artistic research studios embark on a speculative journey into potential futures entwined with water, employing diverse artistic and participatory research practices. The in-process research projects are generously shown alongside a video by Leanne Betasomsake Simpson with sammy chien of Chimerik 似不像 and ansley simpson. Müge Yilmaz takes up a ‘Material Inquiry’ with Travis Geertruida, Carlos Irijalba, Janis Rafa, and Jun Zhang into salt, Mikki Stelder, Dorothy Blokland and Joy Brandsma examine ‘global South perspectives’, and Janine Armin with Zigmunds Lapsa and Yashaswini Raghunandan, Femke Dekker, and Carlo De Gaetano enact ‘Interspecies Imaginaries’.


The artist-researchers and their collaborators navigate, among others, the following questions:


-How can artists create connections to indigenous and global South climate knowledges across multiple cultural perspectives where the consequences of rising sea levels are already a reality?


-How can we understand the impact of rising sea levels in relation to housing, clothing and soil through material artistic research?


-And how can interspecies imaginaries help form different relationships with rising seas beyond considering them as merely a threat?


Echoing the sentiments of author Amitav Ghosh, who contends that “the climate crisis is also a crisis of the imagination,” this exhibition stands testament to the vital role imagination plays in envisioning the future of climate change. It is an indispensable tool for embracing change in our personal lives, environments, and political landscapes.


19-25 April: Bradwolff Projects

Open everyday: 12.00-18.00

free entry

free tickets for the opening (19 April, 17.00 – 20.00): eventix.shop/kuaujj4j


19th April 2024


5:00 PM — 8:00 PM