Welcome to Voiceblind, a short series of q&a’s with artists and researchers in Amsterdam. This project is initiated by ARIAS, giving platform to critical voices to unpack artistic processes for conducting research and methodologies. This is an invitation to listen in on some of the most pressing issues in artistic research today. Like a cloud sailing in the sky, like layers of practices and knowledge that overlap and move away, VoiceBlind invites you to enter the world of artistic research.

Episode 1: Making Public, listening with researcher Miriam Rasch on research and practice in Urgent Publishing, from the two year research project at the Insitute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Episode 2: Contemporary Commoning, listening with researcher, curator, and critic René Boer, on the three year Contemporary commoning project at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Episode 3: Working with Living Organisms, listening with bio-artist Špela Petrič, on the three year Plant Machine Project at the Hybrid Forms Lab VU Amsterdam.

Episode 4: Climate futures, machine learning from Cli-Fi, listening with professor Sabine Niederer, on the ongoing research from the Visual Methodologies Collective, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.