How to read a library

How to read a library


Mariana Lanari (UvA/GRA)

A research about the interaction between politics of reading and reading infrastructures focused on the topic of mediation in the library, considering mediation in the physical and in the digital library. Understanding the library as heritage, cultural memory, and perhaps the library as a museum. The library is a space of potential, an object to be interpreted and affected in its singularity. The phenomenon of the library happens in the interval between books, from book to book, in the interstice of repetitions and commentaries. 

With a growing focus on digitalization, it is urgent to think about ways to ‘translate’ the library/archive from the physical to the digital domain, taking into account what gets lost and what we choose to forget in this transition. 

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Library Live / Ancestral Voices Sound instalation collective reading performance at Casa do Povo, São Paulo. From 2 to 29 July 2019