you are variations

you are variations


Christina Della Giustina (GRA)

research question:you are variations is a study of water and how it generates relationality.


‘you_are_variations’ processes scientific data of the water-cycle of trees differently: it transforms it into musical scores that perform the data in the form of a collaborative live-event. The research explores a new human and non-human collective, an eco-systemic commune, which I sense and wish for: a new kin, a connected kind of “we”. To harbour a relationship with water ‘you_are_variations’ discloses a central void: the pause between the breaths you take to read this, the blank between us. It researches how – with the help of water – this gap, this interval, starts to resonate, becoming an aperture for a new kind of “we.


partners: Daylight Academy



Christina Della Giustina