Zine Making Waves #2

Zine Making Waves #2


Amanda Piña (AHK)

Carlo De Gaetano (HvA / UvA)

Janine Armin (HvA)

Mariana Fernandez Mora (HvA/SI)

How can we liberate the imagination from recurring stereotypes that understand climate change as something from the future, far away, affecting others, while so many people around the world already live with its devastating impact? How can material research, interspecies perspectives and indigenous water and climate knowledges help us form new ways of relating to the climate emergency?


These are some of the questions that initiated this second volume of “Making Waves,” in which artists and researchers create micro-worlds that invite us into their research and processes. Exploring the role of imagination as a facilitator between generations and across species, geographies and material worlds, Amanda Piña, Carlo De Gaetano, Janine Armin, and Müge Yilmaz’s contributions open channels for understanding different facets of life with rising seas.

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