Tune In, Fade Out: Signals from the Bijlmer

Tune In, Fade Out: Signals from the Bijlmer


Andy Dockett (HvA)

Femke Dekker (Artist in Residence)

Sabine Niederer (HvA)

Carlo De Gaetano (HvA / UvA)

A look at the rich history of local media-making in and around the Bijlmer neighbourhood in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

Amsterdam-Zuidoost has a long tradition of media-making as a way to be heard, represent themselves, have influence, and create a feeling of home. From the pirate radio stations of the 1970’s all the way to the podcasts and digital radio stations of today, the practice of making and listening to radio strengthens a community identity and contributes to a sense of belonging. Thinking through the broader issue of auditory culture in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, participatory exercises and workshops within the community take a closer look at the listening needs of the local community.

What is being listened to, and why? And does radio still have a place in the listening behaviour of the young people? 

Explore the outcomes of these exercises and workshops at the Research Station itself this spring, where its various drawers contain research materials for each line of inquiry.

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