Teun de Boer (AHK)

Hanna Betsema (AHK)

Verena Hall (AHK)

François Bisschop (HvA)

Maurice Keetman (HvA)

link: Translucent Project Page
One lamppost in Amsterdam is definitely different from all the others. This lamppost seems to be ‘run’ by a small light accommodated in the post. It also reacts to passers-by. The ‘light’ artwork, called Translucent and located on the Mr. Visserplein square, is one of the last objects along the Amsterdam Light Festival’s walking route. Translucent was created by Teun de Boer, Hanna Betsema and Verena Hall (Breitner Academy, AHK) and François Bisschop and Maurice Keetman (HvA) in cooperation with the ArTechLAB and the Citizen Data Lab at the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (collaboration between HvA, AHK and Inholland).
partners: ArTechLAB, Citizen Data Lab, Amsterdam Creative Industries Network