The affordances of art for making technologies

The affordances of art for making technologies


Erik Rietveld (RAAAF)

What could visual art afford for people involved in making technologies? Could artistic practices show us ways to embed technologies better in society?

In his inaugural lecture as Socrates Professor on the topic of Making Humane Technologies, Prof. Dr. Erik Rietveld aims to show that artistic practices afford embedding technologies better in society.

By analysing artworks made at RAAAF, an art collective that makes visual art and experimental architecture, he describes three aspects of making practices that may contribute to improving the embedding of technology in society:

(1) the skill of working with layers of meaning; (2) the skill of creating material playgrounds that afford free exploration of the potential of new technologies and artistic experiments; and (3) the skill of openness to the possibility of having radically different socio-material practices.

He then uses images of several RAAAF projects to make these skills involved in making more tangible, arguing that artistic skills like these that can contribute to a better societal embedding of technologies.


You can read the full lecture HERE

Photo by Kyoungtae Kim / Deltawerk – RAAAF