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Arcam (Architecture Center) is currently working on a new vision for the new policy period 2021-2024. One of the components of this program is the development of an interactive city model that can be used to become a “conversation piece” when organising debates about the future of the city.

There is a long tradition of urban models as a planning and communication tool. However, the emergence of digital and interactive media offers new possibilities for the “medium” urban model. With projection mapping, augmented reality, and the use of real-time data can enable extra dynamic layers to be added to the city model.

Arcam would like to develop such a digital city model. The aim is to use it as a medium to organise conversations/debates/information provisions about developments in the city in an inclusive manner. The model then functions as a “platform” around which an (interactive) program can be made for various subjects. The title 4d city making refers to the three-dimensional arrangement and physical, shared experience of the city model, in which participation/discussion/debate becomes a fourth ‘dimension’ added through programming in the interactive media layer. The 4D city model as a “conversation piece” that enables us to jointly hold the conversation about the future of the city.

Project Lead: Lectorate of Play & Civic Media