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What works when using art to promote social inclusion for people with disabilities?

More and more care institutions in the Netherlands care about providing a proper art-education rather than keeping people entertained with art.

Many care institutions in the Netherlands now offer proper art-education and creative development. They often hire professional artists to design and lead art programmes. This has created a field of expertise that is ‘in between’ disciplines, those of art and care. In this research project, we aim to uncover the ways in which these initiatives work, and attempt to derive some ‘effective elements’ according to professionals, participants, and other relevant people. The goal is not to prove effectiveness, but to get an insight into what works, so that new initiatives and professionals can learn from the knowledge and experience that has already been acquired by trial end error of both artists and care professionals.

Other research partners: Nieuw-Amstelrade, Outsider art museum, Bijzonder Amsterdams (Cordaan) Philadelphia, Wherelant, De witte Olifant, De Art Brut Biennale.

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