Platform for Research through the Arts and Sciences

Textile (characteristics), Data-science, Scaffolding, Fashion, Cultural-heritage.

How can emerging textile imaging technologies enable researchers, designers, developers and others working in textiles to rapidly understand the mechanical and physical textile properties and textile design characteristics, commonly used in current 3D simulation software, without physical testing?

The physical to digital transformation of designerly practices surrounding textiles requires complex and costly testing to achieve an effective and accurate results in textile simulation software. Moreover, these tests are required to connect physical textile qualities to simulated textile. This research aims to deliver a novel technique of linking micro scale images of textiles with already measured textile characteristics using data science techniques.

A system enabling insight into working with physical and digital textiles creating a scaffolding for textile practitioners and allowing them to reduce textile waste. Moreover, research in fragile historical textile can benefit from the system. The research is executed in an interdisciplinary environment according a Research through Design process.

Under supervision of Prof. dr. ing. M.R. (Maarten) van Bommel (UvA) and dr. ir. T.R. (Troy) Nachtigall (HvA).