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Project link: Smart Garments Project Page
research question: What happens when wearing smart garments, and which philosophical concepts can help us to understand the affective, perceptive and socio-ethical implications they bring about?
This research project can be divided into two focus points. The first entails a phenomenological and philosophical inquiry into the fundamentally different perceptive qualities one may relate to smart garments. It originates from the contention that traditional conceptions of the body, and what is worn on it, no longer suffice and a paradigm shift is needed to understand the full impact and potential future developments concerning smart garments. The second aspect of the research project deals with the socio-ethical effects one may relate to the wearing of garments that collect and share personalised biometric data. Whereas often the beneficial aspects of these garments are highlighted, this research project focuses upon the dual-use of AI and data collections and includes an investigation into the malicious uses to enable future prevention and mitigation of such usage before they becomes manifest.
Partners: (Marina Toeters), Elitac (Jasper Dijkman), Paulien Routs