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project link: MaHKU

link to text: “Something is There”: Filmmaking in Multiple Realities

In line with the current reorientation on the real in critical thinking, this research tries to link the achievements of critique to a renewed focus on objects, with the aim to come to a theory of practice that offers creators opportunities for constructive action and complements existing theory with insights and experiences from artistic practice. To this end artistic production is compared to production in other sectors by means of fieldwork in communities of farmers and fishermen. The empirical research is embedded in theories about fieldwork and representation from cultural anthropology as well as reflections on the worker, work and workplace of filmmakers and thinkers. Using object-oriented theory the field of research is expanded to a field of relations between people and objects. 


Funding: Mondriaan Fonds/NWO  
Supervisors: Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam), Henk Slager (MaHKU, Utrecht).