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link: Personalization and clothing volumes: three approaches to research in sustainable design

This multidisciplinary PhD project explores the possibility of diminishing the volumes of clothing produced and consumed through personalization and production on demand. This possibility is examined critically through three different perspectives: a fashion history and theory approach, an empirical (quantitative and qualitative) approach, and a research-through-design approach. Research-through-design methods use the creative process and the resulting research artefacts to generate knowledge. In this case, the research artefacts are provocative “smart wardrobe” functions and services. These are designed and used for discussing issues of clothing purchase, use and disposal with an emphasis on growing product volumes and the associated environmental impacts.

PhD supervisors: Prof. Hein Daanen (VU Amsterdam), Dr. Javier Gimeno Martínez (VU, Amsterdam),
Prof. Pieter Jan Stappers (TU Delft)