Platform for Research through the Arts and Sciences

Hard Work, Soft Work is a long-term research trajectory looking into feminist collective working methodologies through the lens of technical craft-based pedagogy and production-based labour within the arts.


Hard Work, Soft Work not only explores “Hard Work”; referring to the “hard” technical skills both taught and exchanged during processes of embodied learning within the research, but also thinks about “Soft Work” referring to the often less valued, less acknowledged and rarely seen “soft” skills of communication, organisation, management and mediation – skills proven integral to working collectively.


Focussing on renewing the concept of ‘Tools’ within the broader context of Hard and Soft Work, the outcomes, activities, workshops and pedagogical methods produced (Tools for Hard and Soft Work) are situated as interchangeable between technical and pedigogical-based environments.


‘Hard Work, Soft Work’ aims to create conversation, networks and collaborative moments with folk who work or experiment within technical, construction and craft practices in the arts and who are often excluded. 


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