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Re-Source: Participation in reframing residual materials in design theory, design practice and design education  In Re-Source, dr. David Hamers collaborates with prof. dr. Ginette Verstraete (VU Amsterdam) and Joost Adriaanse (VU Amsterdam) and Studio Ester van de Wiel on a research addressing two of the most pressing issues our society is facing: social participation and a circular economy. The research aims to develop creative approaches to a number of key aspects of these combined issues. The focus will be on how the experimental and innovative capacities of the design practice can help re-frame and re-make flows of residual material into resources, what roles the various participants can take in this process, and how their participation can inform the design practice, education, and research. To achieve this, research methods from the humanities and design research (by both design professionals and students) are joined.
research partners: Dr. D.A.F. Hamers (Design Academy Eindhoven, Studio Ester van de Wiel