Platform for Research through the Arts and Sciences

link: project website at NWO
The lectoraat Crossmedia (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) investigates the ways in which exhibition makers can inspire, touch and educate visitors during a museum visit. Visitor experiences have become an important dimension of the work of exhibition makers today. Drawing on previous research (Designing Experiencescapes), this research consists of four central themes: use of digital media, participation, narrativity and atmosphere. Each theme is explored by conducting experiments within actual museum contexts.
partners: Allard Pierson Museum, Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Joods Historisch Museum, Museum Boerhaave, Zuiderzee Museum, Drents Museum, Amsterdam Museum, Reinwardt Academie, Studio Louter, No More Mondays, Bruns B.V., Kossmann.dejong en Familiemusea