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Making Public: Research and Practice in Urgent Publishing

with the Institute of Network Cultures

What are strategies for cultural publishers to position their contents in an urgent way?

Keywords: publishing, hybrid publishing, digital publishing, writing, design, contents, urgency, positioning, public, readers, publishers, writers, editors, editing, public debate, post-truth, information, content

In today’s digitized world, public debate can erupt from one moment to the next. There’s an increasing need for quality information made available at the right moment, in the right place, and in the right form. Publishers, who have always played an important role in providing such information, are having trouble keeping up with the speed of circulation of information. All too often, one of the three success factors in publishing – speed, quality, and positioning – is obtained only at the expense of the other two. In this project, we develop strategies, prototypes, and methods that make possible an ‘urgent publishing’ practice, and thus counter the speedy information sphere in new and different ways.

Other partners: Willem de Kooning Academy, ArtEZ, and 12 MKB-partners