Platform for Research through the Arts and Sciences

Led by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Visiting Researcher Adam Nocek of Arizona State University, the Ontogenetics Process Group consists of Stuart Kauffman, Giuseppe Longo, Cary Wolfe, Helga Wild, Gaymon Bennett, Sha Xin Wei, Phillip Thurtle, Erin Espilie, Michael Epperson and Patricia Pisters. As part of the IAS’s ArtScience initiative, the group base their work on a deep and sustained engagement with biological, physical, and computational sciences, operating in conjunction with anthropological, philosophical, and artistic modes of inquiry. The researchers in the group examine how the reigning models of complexity need to be paired with non-algorithmic modes of inquiry in order to better express the processual and emergent unfolding of living worlds. It is in an effort to bring this shared perspective into sharp focus that the group pays special attention to the rich conceptual terrain shared by the biological sciences, mathematics, computer science, art-based research, and the theoretical humanities.

link: GEOMEDIA project website

The GeoMedia Research Network (GMRN) aims to bring together a vibrant cast of scholars and practitioners from across North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia to engage in the varied and complex entanglements of media and geological materials. With the discourse of the “immateriality” of media thankfully fading and it becoming clearer that media have a materiality (geophysical, infrastructural, etc.) that significantly impacts life on Earth, there is an urgent need to situate media and mediation in terms of its earthly materials and practices. The GMRN brings together a wide ensemble of voices from across academic and non-academic specialties to engage this urgency in a variety of contexts: academic presentation, artistic experimentation, curated exhibitions, socially engaged design practice, and publication.

co-researchers: Adam Nocek, Arizona State University

research partners: Laboratory for Critical Technics (LCT), Arizona State University