Sonic Fabulative Feminism by Paula Montecinos Oliva

Sonic Fabulative Feminism by Paula Montecinos Oliva


Paula Montecinos Oliva (AHK)

Sonic Fabulative Feminism is an artistic research conducted by Paula Montecinos Oliva, a Chilean sound artist, choreographer and researcher based in Amsterdam. Employing an embodied, decolonial, and techno-feminist approach, the artist investigates radio broadcasting as a performative realm through the organization and hosting of collective listening events and sonic interventions.

The project, developed during the transmediale residency program in Berlin and the BAK fellowship for situated practice Utrecht, gathers contributions from Latin American sound artists and researchers in the diaspora. Interested in exploring the translocality of space, time, and language, Sonic Fabulative Feminism (SFF) works with sonic archives, noises and silences as carriers of poetic-political argument, through which interweave sonic imagination, with debates of the public sphere, addressing current global tensions, of a present-in-crisis.

Listening beyond the aural signal, the project asks: How to fabulate sonically, with the re(de)composition of relational paradigms, timelines and his/torical memories? What (new?) structures of perceptual engagement can be addressed in current debates and practices of global solidarity? How can the multiple repositionings of the listener, as well as the act(s) of listening, reconfigure new maps and horizons of bodies and spaces? What messages reside in the forgotten, the fractured, and silenced memories? What can be heard only through noise and cellular memory?

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