Ghosts in the Machine

How is AI redefining the boundaries of creative expression, and what implications does this shift have for contemporary and future artistic practices?

As AI algorithms increasingly engage in generating art, how do we navigate the intricate balance between human intuition and machine precision in the creative process?

In what ways can AI augment artistic research methodologies, and how might this convergence lead to novel paradigms of understanding and interpreting art?

As artists and researchers collaborate with AI, how does the discourse on authorship and originality evolve, and what ethical considerations arise from these new collaborative dynamics?


Organised around two round tables, we brought people together who operate at the intersection of theory and practice. At the end of the evening, we enjoyed a special performance of the music from the performance GHOST by Asa Horvitz.



Mariana Fernandez Mora – Lead of Artificial Worlds Group

Carolyn F. Strauss – Slow Research Lab 



Round table AI in the Arts | Research and Education

Evelyn Wan – Utrecht University
Roosje Klap – Leiden University
Carlo de Gaetano – HvA
Flavia Dzodan – Sandberg Research


Round table AI in the Arts | In Practice

Alejandro Calcaño – AI Now
Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant – University of Edinburgh
Asa Horvitz – Artist
Špela Petrič – Artist/Researcher
Sonia de Jager – Artist/Researcher



Organised by Mariana Fernandez Mora lead of the ARIAS Artificial Worlds Group in collaboration with GHOST / Asa Horvitz, with the support of the Municipality of Amsterdam and Zone2Source.

GHOST is produced by Golden Trout Wilderness (NL/USA), in association with Celestial Excursions Vienna and SHOW MACHINE (NL). Co-production: SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Het HEM, Muziekgebouw Productiehuis, Frascati Producties, Musiktheatertage Wien, brutWien. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, BMKOES, Amsterdam Fonds voor Kunst, Gemeente Utrecht, Amsterdam Zuid, KlavierLoft. Residency/development: Goethe Institut Hong Kong, wpZimmer, deSingel, Microscope Gallery NYC, Camargo Foundation, MacDowell, DAS Theatre, ELIAS 2069.