Rebecca Louise Breuer (HvA)

Keywords: Fashion, (Neo-)Colonialism, (Atmo)sphere

Which historical events come together in the space of the Waag in Amsterdam? How can I artistically share these with the public?

One of the small towers of the Waag in Amsterdam is decorated with many 17th century Delft Blue tiles. Within this small space many events can be connected to one and another, such as: the expansion of Amsterdam in the 17th century and the origin of its characteristic canal houses; overseas trade and the availability of silk, indigo and spices; flourishing of fine arts with artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer; scientific and medical advancements; and an enormous growth of wealth. This, however, came with a dreadful cost for those unthought of, working at plantations, deported from Africa to South America, losing their freedom. Today, with regards to fashion a similar situation can be detected. I try to envision these contemporary and historical events in an installation in which the public undergoes an experience of expansion and contraction.

Project link: https://class.textile-academy.org/2021/rebecca.breuer/projects/1._Introduction/

Other partners: Textile Lab Amsterdam, Waag Technology & Society


Rebecca Louise Breuer