Water Talks & Agua es Futuro!

Water Talks & Agua es Futuro!


Amanda Piña (AHK)

In her artistic work, Mexican-Chilean-Austrian artist and choreographer Amanda Piña explores relations between the loss of cultural and biological diversity.


As part of the project Climate Imaginaries at Sea, Amanda hosted two public events : “Water Talks”on September 28, 18.00-21.30 at DAS Graduate School, and in a public walk titled “Agua es Futuro!” through the Waterleidingduinen on October 6, 15.00 – 20.00. At these two events, the open exchange format provided a place for encounters between artistic research, indigenous knowledge, activism and scientific research.


Various local experts from the fields of benthic ecology, water governance, geoscience and critical ocean studies provided insights into their disciplines and shared their view of the world using the example of the complex delta of the Netherlands and the specific territory of the Waterleidingduinen. These experts entered into dialogue with Amanda Piña´s praxis articulated through The School of Mountains and Waters*. Together they created an exchange weaving artistic, scientific, experiential and indigenous perspectives and responses that aimed at challenging traditional hierarchies in forms of knowledge and thought. In dialogue with the audience, the «Water Talks», reflected and speculated on present and future relationships between water, mountains, people, animals, wetlands and forests, allowing us to re-think value systems and at the same time design old new alternatives.


*The School of Mountains and Waters is a school of unlearning the modern/colonial idea of the human as pre-existent and separate from that which sustains its life. The different activities of the school invite to establish caring relationships between human bodies and bodies of mountains, glaciers and water.





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