Covered by Sky

Covered by Sky


Gustavo Ciríaco (AHK)

research question(s): To what point is geography part of art? Does art translate landscapes, its experience, its invention? Do artists express the environments in which they live and create? How can we address theoretically and critically the spaces created by some key contemporary artists and make their spatial perspectives a platform for convivial experience? 


COVERED BY SKY is a long-term artistic research centered on the relationships between landscape and art, experience and poetic discourse with the goal of developing a critical collaboration platform that will result in an interactive live exhibition and a written critical approach to the works of key contemporary performing and visual artists, owners of a unique spatial aesthetics. 

The research is driven by the curiosity in how landscape and its inhabitation intersect in art, by exploring how the artistic discourses, as well as its component elements, are sometimes directly linked to environments that are familiar, close by and local.

Diving into the works of some key performing and visual, whose works unfold a multiform and intricate poetics, my search is to render visible and experiential the dynamic process that creates their particular ephemeral architectures and rethink my own artistic work in this gathering of commons. 


Covered by Sky – Gustavo Ciriaco