Archaeodreaming: Dreambook

Archaeodreaming: Dreambook


Nicola Baratto (GRA/SI)

Yiannis Mouravas (GRA/SI)

How are dreams remembered and documented?

Keywords: dream, archaeology, memory, materiality

This research is an archaeological investigation on the material aspects of dream documentation. The research is mapping out a series of artefacts depicting dreams and practical methods of dream incubation, questioning whether dream practices can still be understood as a means to morph our present individual and collective socio-political lives. Redefined by each era and society, dreams are shaped by the historical conditions in which they are dreamt. To observe what kind of dreams emerge in a society’s subconscious, the research examines patterns, architectures, objects, and feelings that appear in documented dream visions. Such images seep from the past and the future into the turbulent present, and narrate a reality existing below the surface of the visible.

Flavia Dzodan (GRA / SI) 

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La Sibila – Anonymous. Illustration from the ‘Shower of Stars: Dream & Book – The Initiatic Dream in Sufism and Taoism’, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Autonomedia, 1996