AIDS Objects

AIDS Objects


Hugo Schalkwijk (UvA)

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The material culture of the AIDS pandemic is dispersed across different types of museums or left uncollected. In medical institutions, heritage relating to recent history is vulnerable to destruction, as resources are focused on contemporary health challenges rather than the preservation of the past. Social history collections focus on the objects and media produced by AIDS activists, and/or the posters and films of HIV education campaigns. This captures two distinct perspectives but still leaves much unexamined. AIDS Objects considers new approaches to collecting and exhibiting the history of HIV/AIDS. Projects include a digital reinterpretation of a lost object – a scrapbook of staff and patient images, ephemera, and personal memories documenting the activities in the Netherlands’ first AIDS ward at the OLVG has been lost, presumed destroyed, and a symposium to be held at the AIDS Cultures Festival in Amsterdam in July 2018.
partners: AIDS Cultures Festival, Gemeente Amsterdam


Aids Quilt exhibited in Janskerk, Haarlem