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project link: OILab


research question: How can Wikipedia hyperlinks render legible the epistemic space of antagonistic Web communities?


4chan/Wikipedia is a collection of Wikipedia links extracted from around 9 million 4chan/pol/ posts captured during the summer of 2016, a period referred to by some internet trolls as “The Great Meme War”.


Known to be a hub for online shitposting, many also consider the 4chan/pol/ imageboard as one of the homes of the alt-right movement that championed the insurgent rise of Donald Trump to the US presidency.


By searching through Wikipedia titles shared by commenters on 4chan/pol/, as well as the original comments in which those links were mentioned, 4chan/Wikipedia thus offers a glimpse into the intellectual debates of a marginal internet subculture that has had outsized impact in the current culture war – or at least imagines itself so.