François Bisschop (HvA)

Hanna Betsema (AHK)

Matthijs van Hest (HvA)

Teun de Boer (AHK)

Verena Hall (AHK)

link: Streetlight Project Page
research question: Is it possible to have an emotional connection with a streetlight?
A big difference between technology and nature is that people and animals show emotions, and a lamp, for instance, doesn’t. What we are trying to project on our streetlamp are the different expressions that we recognize as emotions, but we “translated” them into the way a streetlight could express itself. Instead of using spoken language, or tears and laughter, it will express itself in its movements and light intensity/colour.
This project is a collaboration of The Citizen Data Lab and ArtechLAB Amsterdam. In this project students Francois Bisschop and Matthijs van Hest work from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences together with students Hanna Betsema, Teun de Boer and Verena Hall from the Academy of Fine Arts in Education from the Amsterdam University of the Arts.


partners: Amsterdam Creative Industries Network