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As part of its mission to enable encounters and collaborations among artists, researchers and artistic researchers of various disciplines, ARIAS now has a postbox, where visitors are encouraged to leave a short message with their name and e-mail, regarding their current projects or plans for upcoming new ones, to reach out to other possible collaborators and contributors inside and outside the ARIAS network. All messages are evaluated by the ARIAS team and published as soon as possible.

19 Entries

APRIA Journal (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts)
from Arnhem wrote on
April 7, 2022 at 04.27 AM

Now online! APRIA Journal, Issue #4, Feminist by Design, edited by Mariana Fossatti, Tigist Shewarega Hussen and Namita Aavriti Malhotra. This issue explores what happens when feminist design and research methodologies provide the springboard for building (digital) infrastructures in the world. With reflections mainly from the Global South, Feminist by Design showcases a range of findings and methodologies from members of the Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN) who are motivated by a central question: what would a feminist internet look like? To read, visit: apria.artez.nl/issue/feminist-by-design

FO.R.E.ST - Forum for Radical Ecology Studies calls for conspiracy
from Massiaru wrote on
December 16, 2021 at 01.19 PM

How are we to ‘conspire’ – i.e. join forces and act together – to set up an experiment in studying, researching, living and working together in which we consider collaborative survival on a damaged planet? FO.R.E.ST is an experiment in learning together outside the educational industrial complex, self-organized by an urgent need for socio-environmental transformation. It seeks to expand environmental studies with modes of activism and social practices that acknowledge the capacity of all of us to agitate for transformation with our participation in the world. For spring 2022 we are looking for 12 conspirators. More info here: www.forest-forest.org

APRIA Journal (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts)
from Arnhem wrote on
October 8, 2021 at 11.34 AM

Announcing the new issue of APRIA Journal, Urgent Publishing, edited by Miriam Rasch and Nishant Shah, with contributions by Florian Cramer, Labor Neunzehn, Miriam Rasch and Paul Soulellis. Urgent Publishing delves into the question of how publishers can keep up standards of quality and care for their audiences in a sphere that is increasingly dominated by breaking news, hype cycles and metrics. How can a different approach to the timeframes or tempo of publishing help in building relevant publics for content? Beyond the commodified practices of publishing one-off objects, how can publishing be a tool for critical community building? The full issue is available online and as a downloadable pdf. To read, visit: apria.artez.nl/issue/urgent-publishing/

from amsterdam wrote on
October 6, 2021 at 11.28 AM

ARIAS is offering a paid internship for three/six months to a graduating or recently graduated student to work on its thematic line ‘Estuaries: Ways of Knowing’. This is a thematic grappling with the urgency to re-evaluate what we think we know, and importantly how we think we know. Please send your motivation and CV to info@arias.amsterdam. Deadline: 18th October 2021

Gerrit Rietveld Academie is looking for: New Professor Lectorate Art & Public Space
from Amsterdam wrote on
June 22, 2021 at 11.50 AM

The Lectoraat Art & Public Space (LAPS) plays a central role as a research unit and knowledge center that contributes to the development, disclosure and presentation of knowledge about art and public space. LAPS conducts research on fundamental questions and starting points with respect to art, design and the public domain. An important aspect is research on practice-based issues in relation to specific social situations. LAPS works for and together with commissioners/clients that range from governments and companies, to art institutes and freelancers. Deadline: 16 August 2021 https://rietveldacademie.nl/en/page/18705/vacature-lector-lectoraat-art-public-space-the-city

Soapbox Journal for Cultural Analysis
from Amsterdam wrote on
June 7, 2021 at 02.45 PM

Call for Papers | Soapbox Journal for Cultural Analysis, Special Issue Posthuman Futures in Art and Literature: Constellations & Cartographies Deadline: July 5th, 2021 Sponsored by OSL & NICA In collaboration with Amalia Calderón & J. Bernardo Couto Soares Click the link above for more.

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is looking for: Head of DesignLAB
from Amsterdam wrote on
April 12, 2021 at 01.12 PM

The Gerrit Rietveld DesignLAB is the ideal place for bold dreamers, independent researchers and dedicated inventors. In our laboratory, ideas are transformed into tangible, three-dimensional works. Within this department, design is an instrument for questioning, understanding, and helping to shape the world around us. Learning by doing and thinking through making are important principles within the curriculum. Students are expected to develop a critical, experimental and inquisitive attitude within and between the domains of fine arts and applied design. Experimentation, open exchange and perseverance are building blocks of the program. The goal is to guide the approximately 40 students to become independent designers and makers with their own signature. With the knowledge and skills they have acquired, they can start an independent practice after graduating or continue their studies in a master's program. The lecturers - designers, thinkers and artists from the field - challenge the students for three years to reflect on their own work in relation to the outside world. Deadline: 18 April https://rietveldacademie.nl/en/page/18343/vacancy-head-of-designlab-for-16-hours-per-week-0.4-fte

Applicants 4 job vacancies Master of Film
from Amsterdam wrote on
February 11, 2021 at 10.30 PM

The Netherlands Film Academy is looking for a new Head of the Master 'Artistic Research in and through Cinema' and three Core Teachers. Deadline for applications: 8 March 2021

Ana Dragić
from Belgrade wrote on
February 10, 2021 at 12.18 PM

Open Call for Papers and Participation at the SmartArt Conference in Belgrade / Deadline February 22nd, 2021: This year's theme of the conference Experience and Vision is based on the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary interlacement of art, social sciences & humanities, technical-technological sciences, as well as other applied sciences, through which applied art is formed and developed. The conference focuses on all aspects of mutual inspiration and interaction between science and fields of applied art: Animation, Ceramic Art and Design, Costume Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior & Furniture Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Scenography, Film and TV Production Design, Textile Design, Urban Design, and other, including the interaction between science and art in Conservation & Restoration. Scientists, researchers, as well as artists and experts from the mentioned fields are all welcome to take part at the conference. The conference will be held 23-25 September 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia, in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Keynote speakers of the conference are: Professor Dr. Rudolf Klein, Head of the Department for Built Environment, Óbuda University, Miklos Ybl Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Budapest, Hungary Dr. Sava Čvek, Founder of SCA Development International Inc., honorary doctor of the Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, USA Professor Dr. Stefano Ridolfi, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, CEO of Ars Mensurae in Rome Emmanuel Bréon, Curator-in-Chief of Heritage and head of the painting department of the Museum of French Monuments at the City of Architecture and Heritage (la Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine), Palais de Chaillot, Paris. The extended call for participation is attached in this email. More information about the conference can be found at: https://smartart-conference.rs/call-for-papers/. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@smartart-conference.rs We look forward to receiving your proposals and seeing you in Belgrade or online!

M. Lerm-Hayes
from Amsterdam wrote on
January 26, 2021 at 12.56 PM

Each year UvA IAS offers a special ArtScience fellowship to an artist, aiming to integrate thinking and practice at the possible intersections of complexity and arts. The UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) is a place for interdisciplinary collaboration and open dialogue. What researchers at the IAS all have in common is curiosity, creativity and an enormous drive to delve deeply into the major questions in science and society. In their pursuit of new knowledge and research methods they are not afraid to colour outside the lines. At the IAS, we use system's thinking and complexity science, as our 'common language' to explore challenging interdisciplinary research topics. We are looking for an artist who would thrive in such a setting, and whose art practice requires engagement with academic research. Artists from all fields can now apply for a special ArtScience fellowship/artist in residency. We offer an inspiring environment to work on a project together with IAS-affiliated researchers and students. We aim to support collaborations that truly advance both art and science, and that provide new ways to deepen understandings of complex challenges of all types. The ideal project blends in well with other research activities and fellows at the IAS, adding new perspectives. The practical arrangements of the ArtScience fellowship will be tailored to your personal situation. For more information about what it entails, please follow the link.

from Amsterdam wrote on
January 5, 2021 at 03.40 PM

On this occasion of ARIAS’ fourth anniversary, it is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Sabine Niederer as the new programme manager of the ARIAS platform. As a professor of the Visual Methodologies Collective at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, her specialised perspectives and visual research approaches to the study of contemporary issues fit together nicely with the ARIAS way of thinking. Her background in art history, new media research, and curation of exhibitions, publications, and events on digital culture bring value to the role, and as an active participant of ARIAS since its inception, and recently having presented her artistic research on ‘climate future imaginaries’ in the AI & Arts programme, we’re happy to welcome her into the happenings of ARIAS.

Loes Bogers
from Amsterdam wrote on
August 28, 2020 at 09.34 AM

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - EXTENDED DEADLINE 13 SEPT 2020 Making Sustainability Work: masterclasses & project development, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. A series of hands-on masterclasses facilitated by the Fabricademy network, covering topics including biopolymer manipulation and growing microbial and fungal design materials.Through experimental making and learning, we will collaboratively explore connections between renewable design materials and social entrepreneurship in the context of the Amsterdam creative industries. The goal of the project is to come to new ideas and proposals for collaboration in education and research. More info at: https://visualmethodologies.org/Making-Sustainability-Work

from Amsterdam wrote on
April 16, 2020 at 04.00 PM

STUDIOTOPIA is a creative journey addressing sustainable development across Europe through the converging views of art and science. This initiative aims to establish better connections between arts and science, cultural and research institutions, academia, innovation centres, creatives and European citizens. Studiotopia calls upon scientists to join artists in this speculative journey and to propose tentative solutions to global challenges in a collaborative, non-hierarchical residency. In the course of almost two years, STUDIOTOPIA will offer 13 artists and 13 scientists a unique opportunity to collaborate together for 17 months. The residency programme aims to encourage scientists to exchange ideas, knowledge and methodologies with International visual artists while visiting their studios. Results, developed concepts, research material or artworks generated during STUDIOTOPIA residencies will be exhibited in partnering venues across Europe. Residency aims to create opportunities for artists and scientists to share their expertise with wide international audiences, curators, art specialists and researchers.

Natalie McIlroy
from The Hague wrote on
February 26, 2020 at 12.47 PM

Morimaru is a new online platform that aims to bring together artists, scientists and historians who research and make work in response to the North Sea. Researchers living in the countries flanking the North Sea; Scotland, England, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden are invited to submit research projects /excerpts/ writings for publishing on the platform. Following on from website representation may be opportunities to exhibit and collaborate throughout Europe. Please send biography, research statement and online links to: info@morimaru.org

SARA: Society for Artistic Research
from Vienna wrote on
February 25, 2020 at 02.06 PM

Call for applications for PhD in Practice Program 2020 The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna invites applications to its doctoral program for research in artistic practice. The “PhD-in-Practice” program provides participants with the opportunity to pursue their individual arts-based research projects in a collective learning environment with a decidedly transdisciplinary and international bent. The program is coordinated by Renate Lorenz (Professor for Art and Research) and Anette Baldauf (Professor for Methodology and Epistemology). The invited lecturers and guests include Saidiya Hartman, Tina Campt, Eve Tuck, Stefano Harney, Sharon Hayes, Nikita Dhawan, and Kapwani Kiwanga. Admitted candidates will embark on the PhD in Practice program in October 2020 (Beginning of studies for new participants: October 1, 2020).

Valley of the Possible
from Amsterdam, NL/Curacautin, Chile wrote on
October 29, 2019 at 08.53 PM

OPEN CALL | Research program and residency period 2020 in Southern Chile | BLACK EARTH | cultivating biodiversity Valley of the Possible invites artists, scientists, activists, agriculturists, botanists, chefs and other thinkers and makers with an interest in agriculture, food systems and biodiversity to apply for our 45 day research and residency period, from 17 April - 30 May 2020 in the Chilean Andes. In May 2019, our initial pilot project began to articulate all the various layers in which the valley is situated, including its historical, social, ecological, geographical and political contexts. Based on that exploration and its outcomes, we now direct our second research program to focus on the creation of regenerative and reciprocal knowledge-sharing, departing from the natural order of things and guided by local and Indigenous ways of interacting with the biotic community. • Find out more on our website: valleyofthepossible.com

Mike Elo
from Helsinki wrote on
June 12, 2019 at 05.24 AM

call: Ecologies of Practice RUUKKU #14 "Ecologies of Practice" invites individual artist-researchers and research groups to ponder and share their ways of addressing the idiosyncratic environments of artistic research. This implies taking situational and historical responsibilities into account as well as striving for viable interconnections between a multitude of contemporaneous practices. At stake is a shift from disciplinary and territorial framings to more permeable, entangled and terrestrial modes of thinking, that is, towards articulation of research ecologies in a world that is forced to think of its ends. Therefore, we certainly need new coordinates, another distribution of metaphors and sensitivities, as well as novel fictions and imaginaries in order to address the ecologies of the present in a compelling way and to restate speculations about future directions of art and research.

Hans Fidom
from Amsterdam wrote on
May 22, 2019 at 04.16 AM

Minding Music :||: Making Sound How does music ‘work’? How to think about it? Have you always wanted to know how music ‘works’? And never been satisfied by standard approaches, like becoming really good at making music or at philosophy? Then consider this summer course, as it interconnects making music and thinking about music. During the first two weeks of August 2019, we will dedicate ourselves to music masterclasses with the inspiring professors, as well as to workshops on 21st century ideas about music and art with ditto thinkers. The course is open to both artistic and academic students / phd’s / professionals, i.e. artists and academics in the widest sense. For more about the project click here. Scholarships available; send a motivation letter to j.fidom@vu.nl. Location: Orgelpark, Amsterdam

Ms. Yetty Van Der Made-Haning
from Rotterdam wrote on
May 7, 2019 at 11.56 AM

The Center for Culture and Development-The Netherlands (CCD-NL) are a non-profit foundation situated in the heart of Rotterdam. We are currently establishing a project focusing on Art for health for early intervention and care for dementia patients and families in The Netherlands. For this purpose, we look for an intern to help us to conduct preliminary research and preparing the project plans. Please contact [info@ccdnl.org] for more information.