Play and Civic Media

Play and Civic Media


Martijn de Waal (HvA)

Anders Bouwer (HvA)

Marije ten Brink (HvA)

Gabriele Ferri (HvA)

Karel Millenaar (HvA)

Riemer van Rozen (HvA)

Ben Schouten (HvA)

Mirjam Vosmeer (HvA)



research question: How can the design of playful interfaces empower citizens to improve or maintain the quality of their individual and collective lives, for instance with regard to health or education?


The Lectorate of Play & Civic Media is an interdisciplinary research group at the Amsterdam University of Applied sciences that manages research and education programs in the fields of playful interaction, virtual reality and civic media. Researchers in our group explore both the design process of these new technologies, as well as their application and societal impact.


partners: Vurb, City of Amsterdam, Metabolic; Enki Energy; Café de Ceuvel; Spectral; Space & Matter; Stipo; One Architecture; Crowdbuilding, Goethe Institute (Athens), Transform city, OneArchitecture, Play the City, Ijsfontein, Philips, KPN