Neurocultures Research Group

Neurocultures Research Group


Patricia Pisters (UvA)

Dan Oki (AHK) (UvA)

Manon Parry (UvA / VU)

Flora Lysen (UvA)

Dan Leberg (UvA)

Halbe Kuipers (UvA)

Joe van Eerden (UvA)

Julian Kiverstein (UvA)

Machiel Keestra (UvA)

Moosje Goosen (UvA / Sandberg)

Nim Goede (UvA)

Stephan Besser (UvA)

Tim Yaczo (UvA)

project link: Neurocultures Research Group


Coordinated by Patricia Pisters & Stephan Besser, this research programme within the ASCA is dedicated to the critical and productive study of the rise of the neuro-turn from a humanities perspective. While there have been varying reactions to the neuro turn – some ebullient, some critical – this research group has opted for a specific approach in bringing scholars from different fields together with those working on practical implementations and artists developing their imaginings of what lays ahead of us. In this research group the brain is understood in a broad, non-reductionist sense and approached via a wide range of multi- and cross-disciplinary encounters. They converge in a focus on ‘worldings’ of the brain, i.e. the various ways in which brains are currently placed within and related to worldly contexts in different social, scientific and artistic practices and discourses. This perspective has provided the framework for two international conferences and one symposium that the research group has organized in 2016 and 2017 under the series title Worlding the Brain. Participants in the group include Julian Kiverstein, Machiel Keestra, Patricia Pisters, Stephan Besser, Halbe Kuipers, Flora Lysen, Nim Goede, Moosje Goosen, Dan Leberg, Manon Parry, Tim Yaczo, Joe van Eerden, Dan Oki and others.