National platform for ArtsSciences education

National platform for ArtsSciences education


Emiel Heijnen (AHK)

Melissa Bremmer (AHK)

Emiel Heijnen and Melissa Bremmer of the Research Group Arts Education (Amsterdam University of the Arts) have initiated the national platform ‘Education at the intersection of arts, sciences and technology’. This platform is led by a group of university affiliated researchers with backgrounds in the arts, media studies, natural sciences and technology. The main aims of the platform are to act as an intermediary between theorists and practitioners, to innovate arts and science education, and to develop new research proposals that can illuminate how students can practice boundary crossing between the arts and sciences, and approach complex societal problems in critical and ethical ways. Activities of the platform include the organisation of meetings, lectures, workshops and the development of an online database with inspiring contemporary art/science practices.


partners: Avans Hogeschool, Hogeschool Rotterdam, De Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool iPabo