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As part of its mission to enable encounters and collaborations among artists, researchers and artistic researchers of various disciplines, ARIAS now has a bulletin board, where visitors are encouraged to leave a short message with their name and e-mail, regarding their current projects or plans for upcoming new ones, to reach out to other possible collaborators and contributors inside and outside the ARIAS network. All messages are evaluated by the ARIAS team and published as soon as possible.


Valley of the Possible from Amsterdam, NL/Curacautin, Chile wrote on October 29, 2019 at 08.53 PM
OPEN CALL | Research program and residency period 2020 in Southern Chile | BLACK EARTH | cultivating biodiversity Valley of the Possible invites artists, scientists, activists, agriculturists, botanists, chefs and other thinkers and makers with an interest in agriculture, food systems and biodiversity to apply for our 45 day research and residency period, from 17 April - 30 May 2020 in the Chilean Andes. In May 2019, our initial pilot project began to articulate all the various layers in which the valley is situated, including its historical, social, ecological, geographical and political contexts. Based on that exploration and its outcomes, we now direct our second research program to focus on the creation of regenerative and reciprocal knowledge-sharing, departing from the natural order of things and guided by local and Indigenous ways of interacting with the biotic community. • Find out more on our website:
Mike Elo from Helsinki wrote on June 12, 2019 at 05.24 AM
call: Ecologies of Practice RUUKKU #14 "Ecologies of Practice" invites individual artist-researchers and research groups to ponder and share their ways of addressing the idiosyncratic environments of artistic research. This implies taking situational and historical responsibilities into account as well as striving for viable interconnections between a multitude of contemporaneous practices. At stake is a shift from disciplinary and territorial framings to more permeable, entangled and terrestrial modes of thinking, that is, towards articulation of research ecologies in a world that is forced to think of its ends. Therefore, we certainly need new coordinates, another distribution of metaphors and sensitivities, as well as novel fictions and imaginaries in order to address the ecologies of the present in a compelling way and to restate speculations about future directions of art and research.
Hans Fidom from Amsterdam wrote on May 22, 2019 at 04.16 AM
Minding Music :||: Making Sound How does music ‘work’? How to think about it? Have you always wanted to know how music ‘works’? And never been satisfied by standard approaches, like becoming really good at making music or at philosophy? Then consider this summer course, as it interconnects making music and thinking about music. During the first two weeks of August 2019, we will dedicate ourselves to music masterclasses with the inspiring professors, as well as to workshops on 21st century ideas about music and art with ditto thinkers. The course is open to both artistic and academic students / phd’s / professionals, i.e. artists and academics in the widest sense. For more about the project click here. Scholarships available; send a motivation letter to Location: Orgelpark, Amsterdam
Ms. Yetty Van Der Made-Haning from Rotterdam wrote on May 7, 2019 at 11.56 AM
The Center for Culture and Development-The Netherlands (CCD-NL) are a non-profit foundation situated in the heart of Rotterdam. We are currently establishing a project focusing on Art for health for early intervention and care for dementia patients and families in The Netherlands. For this purpose, we look for an intern to help us to conduct preliminary research and preparing the project plans. Please contact [] for more information.